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  • About Dr. Mac Powell

    Dr. Mac Powell is a PhD graduate from the University of Missouri who also holds an MBA from National University. He has integrated himself in the terrain of compassion that is completely in line with who he is to a tee. As a clinical therapist, an executive of several universities, and chair of ACE’s Commission on Education Attainment and Innovation, Dr. Powell has given his life to the noble cause of helping others improve their lives, especially in empowering them with greater access to affordable higher education.


    He has authored over 100 articles on the importance of higher education and has given speeches around the world to encourage self-improvement and peak performance throughout all areas of a person’s life. Educational access, transparency, social diversity, and inclusion are all very close to Dr. Powell’s heart. He mentors other LGBTQ professionals to help them advance in their professions and helped John F. Kennedy University transform into a service-learning and Hispanic serving institution.


    With his astounding fundraising and networking abilities, Dr. Powell is indeed creating a full-fledged effort at making change a noticeable reality. He extends himself with deep interest in trying to create a better world for not only the community near to him but also the communities in the world plagued by natural disaster. Dr. Mac Powell currently serves as a Corporate Director with Briotech to support disaster relief efforts around the world. He is a leader, innovator, speaker and author, and he strives to implement forward movement for those that need it the most.

  • Experience

    Senior Fellow

    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


    • Facilitate the successful operations of the agency through responsibilities including institutional outreach, policy creation, and improved use of technology.
    • Develop partnerships and support the creation of shared services between regional accrediting agencies.
    • Support the efforts of the staff and Commission in its re-recognition by the United States Department of Education.
    • Partner with foundations to support Commission initiatives around student achievement and institutional success.


    Bastyr University



    John F. Kennedy University 


    President & CEO

    WestMed College



    National University Golf Academy


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